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Beulah eco-tourism

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Beulah can be translated to "promised land" or "somewhere between earth and heaven". What a befitting name of our newly established get-away. Beulah is a private family land on which we have built three huts and are establishing a botanical garden as a private enterprise. However we are collaborating with our organisation ManGo Development in offering skills training and hosting volunteers on the site. So far, Beulah hosts our annual cultural event Dancing Savannah and has given work and training to quite a few local workers. Soon we will employ personnel to run Beulah and are looking forward to welcome you.

Beulah is beautifully situated in the savanna, with a magnificent view of the sunset over the majestic Kilimanjaro. It is breathtaking and the starry nights crown your nights as you observe the milky way, which is a seldom sight in our lit-up towns.

Stay with us at Beulah and get rejuvenated. Why not plan a visit and take a few days off to relax and let enjoy the tranquility of this hidden treasure. People volunteering with ManGo Development can stay for free in the huts while helping out with tree planting and many other interesting activities happening there. The architecture of the huts is inspired by local building traditions, and built with eco-friendly materials. All the huts are solar lit and equipped with a shower, running hot and water closet.

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