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The golden agers

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Please see our new video from the Kiosk Voucher Program. It is made by our amazing volunteers going out of their way to help the old and vulnerable. What they do is in fact about survival.

Thanks to the artists in MyTribeIsArt: Cholo Arts, DJ Krepta and Darker Berry Films for the dedication and professionalism. God bless you abundantly.

Our site:

How to donate to the Kiosk Voucher Program

In Norway

Vipps: 592063

Bank transfer account no: 32605337065

In Kenya

ManGo Development CBO, Equity Bank: 0790269270442

Telephone: +254 727 76 38 04

From other countries

ManGo Development bank account: 32605337065

IBAN number: NO2132605337065


Bank: Sandnes Sparebank

Country: Norway

ManGo Development organisation numbers:

Norway: 915094589 - Kenya: Voi CBO cert. no. 39162

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