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Breaking shackles- Universal health coverage

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

We met Paolo around Easter 2019. It was heartbreaking to see his living conditions and the big chain on his ankle. It was even more sad to learn that he had been confined in what looked like a neglected dilapidated shade in chains for the last 17 years.

Paolo is 34 years old. All his youth has been in chains. Poverty, superstition, lack of understanding of mental medical conditions and feeling hopeless and left alone, the family was overwhelmed by the circumstances and Paolo ended up in chains.

A lot can be done to improve living standards in rural communities especially for the sick, poor and vulnerable. There is already much that has been archived in mainstreaming policies that are necessary to ensure that persons with disabilities in Kenya and the vulnerable are involved in development matters.

Sometimes those in remote areas can be left behind if they are not informed of how to access the available health packages and services. When we heard about Paolos situation and met his family their biggest desire was to be helped to build a stable dry room for Paolo.

I carried this request and shared Paolos plight on whats-app. Thanks to a swift action facilitated by Suri in Germany in collaboration with Paolos parents and family we were able to grant that wish from his mother and father- He now has a decent room and can be out of chains.

Monetary donation from Germany enabled us to pay the builder and souce for construction material like timber, doors, window, cement and mattress, stone and sand delivery.

Paolos mother, father and sister preparing the stones for building his new room.

ManGo Development donated the 2000 Makiga interlocking bricks for building Paolos room.

Paolos brother and sister dug the foundation.

Paolos room under construction. Lots of joyful people participated and we had a donation for iron sheets for the roof partially donated by Mt. Carmel hardware in Voi.

Today Paolo has a decent room and is unchained. The next step is attending to his medical condition. We have been fortunate to have Dr. Wahome on the ground to start administering his treatment.

Fortunately one of our friends of ManGo development is a psychiatric doctor. Dr. marit graciously accepted our invitation to meet with Dr. Wahome and they visited Paolo and are working on facilitating his treatment.

It is good news to hear that Paolos condition is curable and we are amid organizing funds to facilitate the drugs needed and the treatment costs.

We had a beautiful prayer time and handing over to the family, graced by the intiator of the project Suri, also present were ManGo development Cbo, matokeo womens group chairlady and a representative from social services from the section of Persons with disabilities.

More good news is that most of the needed drugs are available on the ground in Kenya. We have also been informed that the universal healthcare under the presidents big four agenda will be very beneficial for a family like Paolos. We would like to ensure that they can pay for their health coverage.

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