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Updated: Jun 9, 2019

ManGo Development has established the #mytribeisart project. It is about promoting artistic talent. So far, there are over 100 youth from all over Kenya involved in the group. Art expresses our feelings, our ambitions, and our message. On our platform #mytribeisart; art is the language we use to build friendship, foster entrepreneurship, and generate business opportunities. ManGo Development started the #mytribeisart because we want to facilitate development, empowerment, work and job creation.

Our mission is to support through mentoring, promoting, networking, and creating bridges across cultures and nations. There are huge resources and potential especially in the youth and around arts, which have not been fully utilized to create sustainable work and economic prosperity. With the platform #mytribeisart we hope to create a good space to foster this. Currently we are working together on an upcoming art expo in Voi Kenya themed “life on land”. The tentative dates for this expo are in February 2018. We will host this event under the umbrella of ManGo Development.

ManGo development is commited to the wellbeing of people especially in rural communities. We are also commited to forest conservation and creating awareness around endangered species of flora and fauna e.g the african violet Saintpaulia Teitensis.

Visit or join us here:

Instagram – mytribeisart

Facebook – mytribeisart

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