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Leopard visit

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

About a month ago we were informed that four leopards had paid a visit to the farm. These beautiful cats were in search of food and water. They killed four goats. Although our goats were not harmed, our neighbors lost goats. However, we are thankful that the farmers know and treasure the wildlife and therefore are seeking peaceful ways of keeping the stray cats out of the farms. They requested for flashlights and whistles so they could alarm each other in case of approaching cats. We were happy to donate to them seven solar charged flashlights and whistles. This uplifted their spirits.

One thing we just love about our neighbours, is their positive outlook towards life and that they are solution oriented. Their infectious smiles make the atmosphere radiate with positive vibes. Distributing solar flashlights to our neighbouring farmers. “Ubuntu” (we do this together). What a blessing to get nuggets of wisdom from the wise elderly.

While distributing the touches, our neighbours had questions about the miracle grass they have heard is growing in our farm. Also about the goats on our farm that are rumoured to produce milk without end.

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