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Dancing Savannah 2018

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

In July 2018 we did the first Dancing Savannah festival. It was organised by ManGo Development through our MyTribeIsArt group and the local community. We plan to have it annually. This year it took place in Mbulia. The aim is utilizing the arts into opening an avenue for interacting more closely and directly with the communities we are involved with.

The festival was real and rugged! Several dance groups participated in making it a very memorable event.

Through festivals, storytelling, exhibition of arts and crafts and other heritage aspects, ManGo Development hope to foster interactions, conversations and open job opportunities. It is also about appreciating the values in the landscapes, the history and rural assets for wealth creation. Above all we hope to create memorable experiences where the community at the grass-root will feel their individual importance towards development and the important role they play towards poverty eradication, their well-being and sustaining the environment.

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