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Safari ya Sanaa, Kenya

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

The Safari ya Sanaa tour started in Voi, February 2018 with the launch of the platform MyTribeIsArt. Next was in Mbulia in July 2018. Then a mini exhibition in Nairobi in 2019 followed by Mombasa in April 2019 over to Stavanger Norway in May 2019 onward to Bryne Norway in June -September. Safari ya Sanaa is Kiswahili and means art journey.

This year (2020) we commence our Safari ya Sanaa tour from February 22 from Norway together with giraffe Zuri. In conjunction with Clean Shores Global we will be raising awareness on plastic in the oceans and water masses. In April 2020 the Art Journey with a message goes to Bergen in Norway. In July we continue in Kenya at our annual festival Dancing Savannah. Here we are pleased to welcome on board Papperiet of Norway who will have an interactive creative children's program.

The expo in Mombasa had an extensive children’s art program. Safari ya Sanaa is part of our MyTribeIsArt platform where we are helping young artistic talent getting exposure and work.

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