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Safari ya Sanaa, Norway

As part of the Safari ya Sanaa tour, we arranged two exhibitions in Norway from May to August 2019. At Frida Hansens Hus in Stavanger and at Garborgsenteret in Bryne. Safari ya Sanaa is Kiswahili and means art journey.

Our aim is to present African art and culture to the Norwegian audience in an effort to foster integration. The exhibitions attracted a lot of attention and great dialogue. From the dialog and feedback it is evident that there is a knowledge void on matters about Africa. It was refreshing to see visitors see Africa from a different perspective as that presented by media and various organisations. In retrospect, we have been able to organise cultural tours to Kenya from people who got interested in Kenya and Africa after the exhibitions.

Safari ya Sanaa is part of our MyTribeIsArt platform where we are helping young artistic talent getting work experience, exposure and work.

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