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Shielding, sustaining, uplifting

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Many rural areas have an amazing charm that is radiant with a sense of peace. Often the air is fresh sometimes scented with the aroma of food cooking in the open hearths. Giggling children greet you as they walk by or play by the wayside and adults extend the greetings beyond a casual hi. They take the time to appreciate your arrival in that area find out how you are doing. Occasionally you will hear the singing of people working in their small farms. All this and devoid of the hustle and bustle of cities and big towns, rural ares offer tranquil places to rejuvenate in a relaxed atmosphere .

For the town dweller or foreigner on a short break this is heavenly. Short term stayers can easily wonder about the rural folks inability to utilize the many resources and opportunities they notice in their short stay and often offer fixing the lives or giving handouts and advice. Many miss the critical part that for many in the rural their daily lives revolve around more crucial day to day survival matters way beyond the luxury of enjoying the beautiful sceneries and fresh air they have contributed to preserve. Also many live in circumstances that call for well thought long term innovative solutions that involves them beyond a casual quick fix in passing.

Sadly rural communities especially in Africa have the highest population of people living in absolute poverty and are on a day to day survival strategy. Many a family often go to bed without knowing what tomorrow brings or what they will eat. Some live in deplorable situations and when it rains their homes become disasters waiting to happen.

Eradicating poverty by 2030 or earlier is possible if the poor can be listened to and then empowered in various ways that are compatible with their backgrounds, culture and community makeup. Their is no universal blanket solution, communities are not homogeneous. What has worked in one community will not automatically work in another.

In most of ManGo Developments engagement in the communities we work hand in hand at the grassroots and listen. We embrace dialog in order to see how best to empower the community and have impact.

As an organisation that is founded on Biblical principles, we believe we can answer to the cry of the distressed as we minister to them and meet their needs as the LORD enables us. Our work focuses around, shielding, sustaining and uplifting. Inspired by Psalm 3. The Lord Helps His Troubled People.

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