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The poverty trap

Millions are trapped in poverty in Kenya, irrespective that they are very hard working. Most of the women and youth are unemployed and rely on casual labour for their income. This means they work between 8 – 14 hours for minimum wages and on whatever job is available that day. They have dreams of giving their children good education and want to learn a skill or get education themselves. Many of them are keen on going into food production through farming, but they cannot afford it – or do not know how. The rising costs of food and housing and acute shortage of water in often semi-arid areas, contributes to their woes. The minimum daily wages leaves them with nothing to save.

What ManGo Development wants to, is to enable them to get out of the poverty trap. Not by giving money, but by empowering them and introducing change makers. Water is one of these. Another is goat keeping. Important ones are also enabling entrepreneurship through training and education, skills and tools. It is also about encouragement.

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