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The Kiosk is going to the people

Updated: May 10, 2020

Since early March, distributing to the community, we have now deliberated with our partners on the ground on the way we can serve the elderly and sickly without compromising their health and risking their lives. Henceforth they don't need to redeem their voucher in the supermarkets in town.

We are working with kiosks and small shops owners in the villages in rural areas. Most of the clients are close by so it is easier for the kiosks to deliver to those who are incapacitated. So this week the supermarkets and kiosks we are working with is going to the people!

We will be happy to receive your generous support as we unite together with the world and stretch our faith and hope that soon these challenging times will be conquered.

One Voucher is the equivalent of approximately of 60 NOK. 5 Euros or 500 Kshs.

Friends of ManGo in Norway - Organisation number/Foretaksregisteret: 915094589 can pay through the ManGo Development bank account 3260 53 37065 or ManGo Development Vipps account - 592063. Those outside Norway can contact us and say which country they want to pay from and we will give them the best way to contribute via bank account, Mpesa or PayPal. Please visit out contact page at

Thanks. Keep safe, wash your hands, remember social distance and pray.

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