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Volunteer with ManGo Development

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Has the work ManGo Development is undertaking in Kenya grabbed your interest? Seeing is believing. Be part of it! Volunteer at ManGo CBO and get an opportunity to stay with us at Beulah in Taita Taveta Kenya.

You will have an experience of a lifetime while staying in our beautiful eco-friendly huts.

We welcome you to discover the magic of Kenya and the hospitality of it's people.

Our huts are solar lit and you have a toilet and shower.

You have an opportunity to plant trees so you can start sinking your accumulated carbon footprints. You will also get to know an amazing people, observe breathtaking scenaries, and savor local delicacies as the idyllic countryside enchants you. If you are brave enough we will see whether to combine your stay with a safari treat in the nearby Tsavo East and West National Park. For more information visit our Contact page.

At Beulah you will enjoy a bonfire and nights of story telling under the starry skies.

At daytime you can go for walks and also help out looking for water.

Enjoy the scenery.

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