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Zuri the giraffe on tour

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Giraffe Zuri and her children were invited to stay at Fermenten as they applied for their permit to stay in Norway. During the stay, all the children were adopted into new homes around Stavanger Norway. Zuri will also hopefully have a home soon, but first she has a mission. She has a message and will start a tour of Norway. She is off to Bergen in April, hosted by Clean Shores Global. On her tour she will be happy to do selfies with anyone wanting to support cleaning up the oceans. Let us know where you spot her in the coming days.#ZuriOnSafari #ZuriGoesMiles #CleanShoresGlobal

After having acclimatized and enjoyed the stay at Fermenten, Zuri is ready to go on tour presenting the message of ocean plastic. Giraffe Zuri is made from flip-flop sandals found in the Indian Ocean by Kenyan artists at Ocean Sole.

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